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Style ‘n Merchandising is a New York based fashion consulting company. We work with you throughout the entire developmental process from conceiving your big idea to producing the goods just the way you envisioned it.

We organize and simplify the overwhelming wealth of resources that are out there to make it easy for you to make big decisions, such as choosing the right fabric for your design.

The creator of Style ‘n Merchandising has more than 20 years of industry experience in New York City. She has worked with large and small brands, so she understands what’s required of both sectors. Her expertise will guide you so that your products are marketable without having to compromise your identity.

Although we encourage designers to work with domestic manufacturers, we also specialize in overseas production for larger quantity production. We help you come up with the best possible solution for your budget.



Sourcing and choosing the right fabric is probably the most difficult
part about product development.

Every season has it’s own unique fabric and color trends, and the
ever-changing fabric technology doesn’t make this process any easier. Having this knowledge beforehand and advising our clients is what we
do best. Knowing where to look and who to
contact will make decision-making easier and production phase smoother.​


This is where the big idea comes to life. All the decisions about fabrics and trimmings and sketches come together to build a prototype.

We work very closely with our client and our manufacturers to ensure that there aren't any delays and blockages. We create a realistic time and action calendar for our clients so that all delivery dates are met while maintaing the right quality. We understand the creative process requires revisions and corrections, so we include several days in our calendar to make everything just right before it goes into final production.


Delivering on time with quality standard products is of utmost importance to us. For our domestic production we are physically present during production to ensure quality control. For foreign production we only work with manufacturers that have been proven to be at industry standard and reliable, and we communicate with them regularly to ensure delivery dates are honored.


• Cut & Sew (CMT)
• Full Package Program (FPP) – includes fabric and trimmings sourcing

& packaging


Trend forecasting involves heavy research and much experience in the industry. We provide the service of presenting trend-forecast for our clients.

Knowing what people want and providing that want is how you stay relevant in this industry. 


Our in house designer,
with more than 10 years of experience for both men's and women's categories, has a very good understanding of both creativity and marketability with diverse of skills garnered.

We help designers to organize their concept and make sure their collection is consistent.


A techpack is a mode of communication between the designer and the manufacturer. The clearer directions you give, the better quality of product you’ll receive. Many emerging designers have great ideas, but lack in expressing that idea fully. We make sure you’re work is well presented to the makers, so that there are no errors and delays in the production phase.



• Phillip Lim  

• Ralph Lauren 
• The Row 

• Derek Lam
• Kate Spade


• Helmut Lang
• Ralph Lauren                                                                                      

• The Row                                                                                               

• Marc Jacobs
• Ralph Rucci
• Alice + Olivia

​• Philip Lim


• Geox
• Walmart 

• Kohl's 


• Lucky brand

•  Mango

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